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Massage and SPA Services

**All prices are quoted as discounted, self-pay, "time of service" rates.**

We accept CIGNA insurance as well as HSA and FSA cards!

We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy that will be firmly enforced. If you cancel with in 24 hours of your appointment or do not show up, you will be charged a $40 fee for our therapist's time. Thank you for your understanding!

All massages are customized to your style and pressure preference. We offer free cupping, gua sha, hot stones, and CBD lotions with all massages. Let us know if you'd like to use any of these free services with your treatment. 

We also offer gift certificates for your loved ones!

30 Minute Massage

30 minutes of bliss for those who are short on time. Enough time to focus on a single problem area or two, and get you ready for what lies ahead!


45 Minute Massage

The perfect option for those of you who want a little more time on a focused area than what the 30 minute can offer. That little extra makes a BIG difference!


1 Hour Massage

A traditional length massage that allows for a full body treatment or focus work on problematic areas.


75 Minute Massage

When you have some extra time and need some extra TLC on your aching body. The 75 minute option is delightful as it allows the therapist to work, unhurried, through your muscles.


90 Minute Massage

Our most POPULAR massage as it allows for very thorough focus work as well as giving you a full body treatment. The ultimate maintenance massage!


2 Hour Massage

When you just need it ALL and don't want to be rushed. This treatment allows the therapist to work with muscle movements, stretches, hot and cold packs, and various oils that leave you feeling amazing afterwards!


30 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

This is the perfect choice for someone wanting to try out Ashiatsu Barefoot massage but doesn't want to commit to a full hour. This treatment will focus on back and neck with the deepest pressure you'll ever feel. We are sure you'll love it!


60 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

The deepest, most luxurious massage you'll ever receive! An hour of Ashiatsu barefoot therapy allows for a full body deep workout that leaves you feeling stretched and lengthened as well as free from muscle tension. A winner for sure!


75 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

The 75 minute Ashiatsu is the perfect choice for someone who feels that an hour is too rushed, but the 90 minute option is just too much. Allows for the therapist to relax into the session, using clean, manicured feet to apply pressure in slow rhythmic strokes. Leave feeling completely renewed and ready for the day ahead.


90 Minute Ashiatsu Massage

This massage is an hour and a half of deep, therapeutic bodywork performed on a low table with the therapist using their clean, manicured feet for pressure. This option is best for people with multiple areas of concern, anyone with hard, thick muscles who need the extra pressure, or anyone who enjoys being melted into massage puddles. The ULTIMATE massage experience.


Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy a massage attentive to all areas of aches and pains, enhanced with the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils applied topically with hot towel compresses and with steam inhalation to ease respiration. This treatment includes a 1/4 dram bottle of the essential oil of your choice to take home!

45 min ~ $75

60 min ~ $90

75 min ~ $105

90 min ~ $120

Skin Soother Massage

This massage starts with a thorough dry brushing to slough off dry skin, dead skin cells and to stimulate circulation. Receive a full body massage addressing all areas of stress using a homemade combination of coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and Neroli oil. 

75 min ~ $105

90 min ~ $120

Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath

Enjoy the detoxing properties of an ionic foot bath while sipping on a hot cup of detox tea. Encourages lymph flow, purges heavy metals, reduces inflammation and more!

30 min ~ $30

Add on a 20 min foot and calf massage ~ $20

What our customers are saying

Sarah is wonderful. She is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and really good at what she does. I am a professional musician and private teacher. I also do weight training 3 times per week, so I am hard on my body most of my waking hours. Sarah listens carefully and is incredibly present. She always knows just what to do to get me back to being pain free and at my best.

Dennise C. 

Package Prices

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5- 1 hour massages


Best for regular clients who 

want to save some money!

5 one hour massages

Reduces each massage to $70

Never expires


3- 90 minute massages


Best deal for our most popular 

massage length!

3 ninety minute massages

Reduces each massage to only $100

Never expires

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